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Ver. 1.0.1 UPDATE

Buffed Stim time. Base Stim time increased 4 to 5 seconds. Throne Butt Stim time increased from 6 to 7 seconds.

You must have current stable beta version 9936 or higher of Nuclear Throne Together made by YellowAfterlife on Nuclear Throne Discord server. Download link can be found at #co-op_buddies channel!

Sprites & Cover Image by blaac. Many thanks friendo!

Coding help: Saniblues, jsburg, blaac, and probably other bunch that I forgot about...

A Terran Marine unit has ended up in a world of Nuclear Throne when a rogue Protoss army's Mothership casted a Vortex spell when his team landed a Nuclear Strike on that said vortex!

Equipped with C-14 Gauss Rifle, he seeks out the Nuclear Throne in hopes of finding his way back to his home world, but is finding his war torn world really worth for him? 

Passive: Terran Armor

Reduces standard enemy projectiles by 1. Any enemy projectile damage value that is 3 or lower (except damage value of 1) hits Marine, he will take one less damage. This bulky armor also makes him 0.25 slower than any other characters (except Skeleton).

Active: Stimpack

Use this combat enhancing drug to improve RoF and move speed for 5 seconds, but uses 2 HP. Ability can be stacked with Stress and Extra Feet.

Throne Butt

Improves Stimpack effect with greater health cost and lasts longer.

Ultra Mutations: Terran Armor Lvl 3 / Ultra Stimpack

Terran Armor Lvl 3: Increases Terran Armor defense. Any enemy projectile damage value that is 5 or lower hit Marine, he will take one less damage. On top of this, Marine now has 50% chance to ignore damage from the bullets.

Ultra Stimpack: Powers up Stimpack further without any additional cost of health. Think of it as Y.V.'s Back 2 Bizniz Ultra.

Easter Egg

Press B to cycle Marine's "Pissed" quotes from StarCraft 2.


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btw what does the stimpack active ability do