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or eagle eyes bc i like homing in non ntt version

when i install that non ntt version i only double click that application Mutation x10

hello can you update the non ntt version of this with level ultra i just like the art style of that one the reason i cant run ntt is i dont have steam i cant do it when i try to sign in on steam it only say some kind error or somthin so ye

After taking plant's ultra on a large vine with a throne butt and eagle eye, the game crashes at a random moment (usually at the beginning of a random floor). It just freezes solidly. It is my favourite build, but I can't play this. IT IS SAD


Hammerhead just doesn't work at all for me

this truly breaks the game

It's great but long arms doesn't work right

cuales son los comandos, cuando intento poner /loadmod x10 no se pone el mod y cuando lo hago mutacion por mutacion tampoco, como lo activo


"/loadmod" solo sirve para archivos gml que acaben en ".mod". Para cargar los contenidos de una carpeta, escribe "/load x10" . Así se cargará el archivo "main.txt" que carga todos los mods.

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Will you "nerf" sharp teeth, so it doesn't affect the throne?

Probably not as it would be weird for one boss to not get hurt by your mutation.

yo so crown of destiny only gives 1 mutation, that intentional or what?

Loop vault has X10 Destiny!

Hey man, my friend and I really enjoy your mod and we've finally come back to it after four months. But the old /loadskill commands aren't working. It says the files can't be found. Did you update the command format?

But y you nerf. COuld u please include old op versions as well?

Old versions are there to download!

the throne got killed by anomaly*10 before i was able to destroy the generators.

Absolutely hilarious. I love the new description for mutations, especially 'Directed by Michael Bay'! Melting's ultrax10 makes this mod so ridiculous, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I had hammerhead, gamma guts, and extra feet at that stage - I'm sure you can imagine what was happening. :)