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Multiply Mutation Stats by Times 10 for Nuclear Throne Together by MasterLuigi452.

Requires beta version of Nuclear Throne Together 9936 and above by YellowAfterLife to run it. Can be downloaded on official Nuclear Throne Discord Server at #co-op_buddies channel description!

Special thanks to...

Saniblues, YellowAfterLife, Blaac, Jsburg, 9joao6, and BioOnPC for helping me code this nonsense.

Features of Mutation X10...

  • All mutations have been multiplied by times 10.
  • Including ultras.
  • Coop is FULLY playable! Bring your friends and play some X10 together!
  • Crown of Destiny X10
  • Enemies have much higher health on loops.
  • Bosses got juiced up on loops (Including Captain)
  • New stuffs to discover until Loop 6!

Current list of bugs

  • X10 Plutonium Hunger ignores Crown Vault's rad attraction, but only if the camera has Vault in sight.
  • X10 Euphoria does not affect Elite Shielder's Plasma shots. I don't think this can be fixed.
  • X10 Monster Style breaks X10 Bolt Marrow, but I believe this cannot be fixed. Let's just blame it on JW
  • X10 Detachment for Melting breaks lots of mutations... Probably as a main feature, but do report anything suspecious

And probably bunch of others that I may have forgotten...

If you think something is a bug, please message me on Discord. You can find me hanging around at our main Discord server at mod_discussion chat room.

Possible balancing changes in the future

  • Loop Health X10. Always need to keep an eye on this.
  • X10 Gamma Guts. It HAS been nerfed quite heavily, but I may just nerf this thing to the ground.
  • X10 Scarier Face also gets reduced effect on loop so it is not borderline broken, but may nerf it on loop harder.

If you think you have some ideas for balancing, I'm all ears. I will consider your input and see what I can cook up.

Ver 1.02 Jan 12 2019


Nerfed X10 Gamma more. Still strong, but against bosses, not really

Fixed Big Dog X10 Throne Butt not affecting to all bullets

Fixed Cop Freak L5 and beyond to have strange firing pattern

Party Trucks no longer spawn 30 at L3.

Special Party Truck from L4 now arrives starting at L3.

Ver 1.0.1 Mar 07 2018

Fixed X10 Fortress giving player more than 110 hp

Fixed X10 Last Wish crashing the game

Fixed X10 Plant Throne Butt so it doesn't kill the player.

Ver 1.0.0 Feb 22 2018
Final version of NTT X10! Almost all bugs have been squashed, but please report anything you find odd or suspecious!

Ver 0.9.0 Jan 05/2018

Initial release for public outside of Discord and YAL's Bitbucket page.


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NTT X10 Ver. 1.0.2.zip 53 kB
NTT X10 Ver. 1.0.1.zip 52 kB
NTT X10 Ver. 1.0.zip 52 kB
NTT Mutation X10 0.9.0.zip 52 kB


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yo so crown of destiny only gives 1 mutation, that intentional or what?

Loop vault has X10 Destiny!

Hey man, my friend and I really enjoy your mod and we've finally come back to it after four months. But the old /loadskill commands aren't working. It says the files can't be found. Did you update the command format?

But y you nerf. COuld u please include old op versions as well?

Old versions are there to download!

the throne got killed by anomaly*10 before i was able to destroy the generators.

Absolutely hilarious. I love the new description for mutations, especially 'Directed by Michael Bay'! Melting's ultrax10 makes this mod so ridiculous, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I had hammerhead, gamma guts, and extra feet at that stage - I'm sure you can imagine what was happening. :)