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Super Plasma Cannon and Ultra Shovel meta is too boring?

Look no further. Try these loop powered weapons and see if you can breeze through loops!

These weapons will start dropping in mid Loop 1, so you can transition easier to later loops, but you are free to start with these weapons.

Simply type in "/cwep <loop weapon file name>"

EX: "/cwep looplaserminigun" will let you start with Loop Laser Minigun.

The way these weapons work is they shoot projectiles based on loop numbered.

So if you are in Loop 3, you will shoot 3 projectiles! This also means is that these weapons will NOT WORK in pre loop for obvious reasons.

Keep in mind this also increases AMMO consumption!

Current list of loop powered weapons are: Auto Crossbow, Heavy Auto Crossbow, Minigun, Laser Minigun, Plasma Minigun, Gatling Slugger, and Gatling Bazooka.

I may add more in the future!

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